The law firm Pečanac in Rakun, odvetniška družba, d.o.o. has been operating since March 2006. With a positive approach to work, we have become a successful law firm known for its responsiveness, commitment and professionalism.

The wide area that we cover is our stronghold and in-depth knowledge constantly accompanies us. Our goals are clear – to provide a quality, fast and efficient service. Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients, with whom we wish to establish long-term partnership. Every day we strive to realise the three fundamental principles of performance:

  1. a highly personal and individual approach to a case;
  2. the search for an optimal solution, bearing in mind the client’s goals;
  3. respect of confidentiality regarding the client and trade secrets.

In the course of service provision, we do not say things to clients that they would like to hear, but rather abide by the need-to-know principle.

We are a team of experts with many years of experience in all legal areas. Thanks to internal specialisation, every case is focused on by the most experienced lawyer in the relevant field. We provide clear legal advice, stressing the advantages and weakness of specific situations, take part in agreements and negotiations with the parties involved, draw up documents of all types and provide representation before the court and other national authorities.


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